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My husband and I were married almost 19 years. We had a plan, he was going to retire early, 62, and we were going to sell our house, buy a RV and go to one full season of Nascar. Go to every race, but sadly, Lung cancer had a different plan. He had no symptoms at all. he was complaining that his shoes were fitting tighter, but ok you're old lol. The went to the Dr, he said Well let's get a cardiogram just to make sure what it's not. The morning of the test. he comes out of the shower and says look at my legs. It looks like 2 tree trunks. Couldn't see knees, ankles and even his toes were retaining fluid. I tell him that's messed up, we are going to the ER and I'm sure they are going to give you that cardiogram. August 12, sitting at his bedside after the biopsy of the "mass" they saw in the mri of his heart. Dr comes in, you have stage 4, metastatic lung cancer. He told him, live your life, do what you want, eat what you want because less than a year is probably all you have. 9 1/2 months later, he was gone. I held him in my arms in the hospital, he was gasping for air, the oxygen wasn't enough. unless and until you witness the death of your spouse.

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