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I'm J

Your Widow's Fire expert.

I was 31 when my husband died of cancer at the age of 32 in 2018.  We had been together for eight years, married for four and I had just given birth to our son.  

Even though I was recovering and breastfeeding, I started panicking about the fact I would never have sex with my husband again.  When would I ever have sex again with anyone... ever? 

I want widows and widowers everywhere to feel completely comfortable and unashamed to admit that they think about sex, miss sex and want sex, all within their grieving.  


The intimacy you shared was between you and your partner who is no longer here.  So where does that conversation go? 

You can’t replicate what you had but you can reminisce about it alongside hopes and dreams for the future. 

The many lows and brief highs on the search for some happiness.  

Let's talk about sex, intimacy, dating and marriage after loss. 

Welcome to Widow’s Fire. 

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