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Widow's Fire Support

Are you...

Interested in meeting other wids?

Ready to meet potential new friends/romantic partners?

Curious about other wids' feelings and dating experiences?

A wid with kids?  Trying to date while raising kids?

A wid now experiencing a breakup of a relationship post loss?

Curious about self-discovery & your sexuality?

In need of support navigating the dating world?

Heartbroken, Hopeful & ...Horny?

Get in touch to talk about... touch!

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My Story 

My life was turned upside down in 2018 and I have been rebuilding ever since.

My greatest passion in life was health, wellness, romance and relationships.  I naturally maintained a focus on these aspects of life after my loss.  I care about other people's happiness, I loved being married and still love talking about relationships and dating highs and lows.  My background is in various health and wellness roles based in London (UK) where I loved my life with my husband before moving back to Toronto, Canada. 

For 15 years, I gained experience, qualifications and diplomas in counselling, beauty therapy, spa, fitness and nutrition, healthcare and pharmacy training.

I have been hopeful, heartbroken and horny - simultaneously, ever since my husband died.   Dating as a 'wid' is confusing and infuriating, but it has also been rewarding on many levels.  A quest for romance and touch to soothe an intense fire that burns for intimacy. I have navigated countless first dates, hopped on and off every dating app known to man, embarked on flings and casual sex, researched sexuality and infatuation, embraced sexual discovery, felt fear and pride in my attempts at love, complete with my first year long relationship, drama, breakup, new heartbreak and disappointment, adding another post-loss layer.  It has been intense, messy, unpredictable, but brings me closer to understanding my heart, standards and dealing with the loneliness and frustration of widowhood and solo parenting. 


Grief and Widow's Fire has been a deep dive into therapy, wellness and spiritual tools.  You name it, I've tried it. 

I bring Widow's Fire here, out in the open, to encourage you to enjoy simple and sexy pleasures in life.  You deserve touch, hugs, kisses... whatever you need.  There are no guarantees in life or love.  I hope you let the heat of the fire move you forward, guilt-free.

I just want every wid to know that it's ok to feel the burn, let it motivate you to seek a sexy extinguisher, to manage the fire however feels right to you.  It's all normal.  You're allowed.  The fire will keep you going.

The community is here for you.  Join us, dip your toes in, and see what happens!

With burning love,


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