Sex, Love & Dating -
Beyond Bereavement.

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Widow's Fire
/ˈwidō/ /ˈfī(ə)r/
The burning desire for sex following bereavement of a spouse or partner

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Welcome to WF


You lost your person. 


You are still human!

You miss the intimacy you shared.


This is a safe place to talk about the loss and new desire for sex & romance when your partner dies.

*Please take some time to understand Widow's Fire and what it means to you before joining the Community & Dating Site.  

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Let's speak openly about the realities

of Sex, Love & Dating


New meaning of sex 

Missing what you had

Role of sex within your grief

Guilt & Judgement

Dating again

Being naked with someone new

Enjoying sex in new ways

New relationship with yourself and your body

Romantic hopes & dreams for the future

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Become a member of the Widow's Fire Community & Dating site!

My name is Julia - Your WF Host.

Sorry to welcome you to this club because it means you have been going through the hell of your partner dying and now you're feeling and finding out about Widow's Fire. 


Didn't see that coming, did you!


In the Members Area, you will be given an introduction to the Widow's Fire world ahead of a separate invitation to join the Community & Dating Site. 


We share stories, thoughts and feelings with other widows/widowers all over the world. 


You will create a profile and enter a world where like-minded wids can connect over a variety of topics and interests and the opportunity to message each other privately.

When you are ready to take this step in your grief journey, please know you are joining a community of people who can relate and are ready to welcome you to this fun, flirty, honest Widow's Fire World.

With burning love,