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Wids on Fire

*currently for widows & widowers only

*this is NOT a casual hook-up site

As seen in


widow's fire

/ˈwidō/ /ˈfī(ə)r/

A burning desire for sex

following the bereavement

of a spouse or partner

Desires are normal at any stage of grief.

You lost your person! You are still human!

You miss the intimacy you shared.

Loss of your partner means the loss
of touch, affection & intimacy.

Let's be open about...


A natural and intense desire for intimacy within grief


Understanding your own unique Fire


Navigating the dating world highs and lows


Guilt & Judgement


Reconnecting to your body & sexuality


Exploring romantic hopes & dreams for the future


Widow's Fire Support

I'm Julia, your Widow's Fire Host.

My life turned upside down in 2018 when my husband died.


Daily doses of love and affection were wiped out.  Widow's Fire was the most powerful aspect of my grief.


5 years later, I am still fascinated by the Fire and the way it has been steering a new path.


Widow's Fire brings you closer to understanding your heart and desires. Let the heat move you forward.  The spark in you is a sign of life.


You are alive.


Stay hot.

With burning love,


2018 cancer widow at age 31,

1 month after birth of first and only child. Currently living in Toronto, Canada (2023)

Are you...

Interested in joining a community of like-minded Wids?


Curious about other Wids' feelings and experiences?


Trying to date as a Wid while raising kids?


Ready to meet potential new friends/romantic partners?


Seeking support while navigating the dating world?


Experiencing a break-up post-loss?


Heartbroken but... hopeful?

We are all finding our way through the Fire.


You never know who you might meet and how the heat

might move your life forward.



I had no idea, when my husband of 20 years died, if I’d ever be happy again. But since meeting Judah, I have found joy and love again. we understand each other in a way that a person who has not lost a spouse could never understand. We have found beauty in the ashes of our Widow's Fire and a love deep enough to help us build a new family out of two that were broken.


- Elizabeth and Judah

married on June 5th, 2023

"On Sept 21, I joined Widow's Fire because I had no understanding of what was going through my mind and my body, I met a guy here and at first our text conversations were typically sex related with a smattering of our life in general. Now, here we are, October 3 and we are officially doing the dating thing and have been for a while. You just never know..."


- WF Member


Who are we?

We are Wids with a supportive and positive belief in dating, relationships, love and romance after loss.


Meet other Wids who are interested in exploring new connections with the potential for friendship, companionship or even a romantic relationship.  


We believe in taking chances to move our lives forward in fun and positive ways.


Create a profile, upload a photo and bio that gives us a clear picture of your interests and circumstances and go ahead and enjoy the space!


Connect with like-minded Wids around the World, publicly and privately.  

Come on in and join us!


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